Specialist translations

Languages: English · French · Romanian · Spanish · German

  • EN, FR, RO, ES =>  DE  (native tongue)
  • DE  => EN, FR, RO, ES  (in collaboration with qualified native speakers)
  • EN, FR, ES        =>  RO  (second native tongue) on request

Areas of expertise:

  • Law and administration
  • Economics and finance
  • Medicine technology, dentistry and dental technology

More information about my specialisations is available on Areas of expertise.

Certified translations

Languages: English · French · Romanian · Spanish · German


  • Deeds, contracts, powers of attorney, registry office documents
    (birth, marriage certificates, non-marriage certificates, etc.)
  • Driving licences, police clearance certificates, testimonials, school/diploma certificates, etc.
  • Excerpts from the commercial register, bylaws, etc.

Project management

  • Coordination and processing of your multilingual, large-scale translation projects
  • Personal attention  ̶  no changing contact partners
  • Formation of a translation team and coordination, arrangements and complete order processing with my colleagues

Other services

  • Proofreading of translations: checking of completeness and accuracy of the translation, stylistic revision of the translation as well as correction of punctuation, grammar and spelling errors
  • Terminology management: creation of a company-specific terminology in one or more languages as well as continuous maintenance of terminology database

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